Adventure with Drifters in the Yggdrasil (Metaverse)
Welcome to Godland,
Place where you can enjoy your adventures in the Yggdrasil (Metaverse) and earn tokens as a reward.
Godland is a DnD-like strategy RPG. It is based on an adventurous story of a traveler who traveled to the Yggdrasil, full of gods and giants. Players need to summon drifters, indigenous heroes living in the Yggdrasil, to complete missions, defeat evil darkness and ultimately bring life to the Yggdrasil again.
Based on Metaverse Gaming Protocols (MGP), Godland realizes fully-decentralized game architecture with rich playability, and mixes SocialFi and GameFi up to become a new paradigm of Metaverse.

Social GameFi

Based on Metaverse Gaming Protocols (MGP), Godland realized a fully-decentralized multi-level referral system to grow the number of players exponentially and keep a permanent record of all players' social relationships on the blockchain to implement in-game social elements, such as teamwork, competition, leaderboards, social interaction and even SocialFi.

Rich Playability

Godland is as rich and playable as traditional games. Players can develop characters entirely according to their strategies, experience flexible equipment upgrade system same as Monster Hunter, and explore dungeons to get thousands of pieces of equipment and tens of thousands of kinds of treasures.
It is not only more playable and strategic like the traditional game, but gives players complete control as well. It is completely decentralized!
Not play to earn. Play AND Earn.
Enjoy your adventages and have fun with your friends.
See you in the Yggdrasil,
Godland team
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