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Game Lore

Ragnarök has swept the Nine Realms. The shock of the Armageddon also brought years of disaster. The long winter froze the land, clouds hid the sun, hungry crawled out of their nests, and people fought among themselves. The end of the Nine Realms has come.
But Armageddon didn't really destroy the Nine Realms. Tenacious life rises from the ashes. The snow will melt, the trees will wither, and prosperity will return to earth under someone else's leadership.
That person is you. Scattered drifters will gather under your banner. They will build cities, expand territory, and fill the world with life again.
But it is not easy. You have to be well prepared to conquer strong enemies.
Gather your own drifters!
They will help you colonize land, explore dungeons, and bring prosperity and wealth to the world. Each drifter is unique. You can tell something about their hometown from the gear they carry.