Enjoy the game in different ways.
Start the game: Travellers (Players) need to summon at least one drifter to play the game. Each drifter has a unique appearance and randomly assigned initial attributes, which are bounded by the initial points. Drifters with higher rarity have more initial points.
Drifter development: Drifters have a dual-track development sytem. Players can upgrade their rank and level by spending tokens or exploring dungeons, respectively. Drifters with higher levels and ranks will have stronger fighting power and earn higher profits.
Adventures: Players can place their drifters in wild areas for adventure to get relatively stable income. It will get higher income to place a higher rank drifter in a higher level wild area.
Dungeon explore: Players can move their drifters to dungeons to challenge monsters and bosses. It will not only get experience to upgrade the drifters' level, but also get tokens and rare materials that can be used to forge equipment, after a successful challenge.
Equipment system: Players collect specific materials for forging equipment. Each equipment has multiple upgrade paths, and can become a limited artifact through multi-level upgrading. Equipped with higher level weapons and armor, drifters can challenge more difficult dungeons or gain an advantege in the Arena.
Goddess Tavern: a social mini-game platform on which players can enjoy multiple mini-games with friends and earn profit together while playing.
Arena: Multiple types of arena will be opened, including PVP, GVG, championships, guild battle, etc. Join the arena to win prestige and large prize pools.
Collection Handbook: It is an open ecosystem that allows players to collect specific NFTs on different blockchains as collectibles to earn benefits in the game without pledging.
Decentralized Guild: Godland has a unique decentralized guild system, where guild membership, achievements, and contributions are recorded on the blockchain, transparently and in real time, bringing game guilds into a whole new era.
Metaverse: Based on the world view of Norse mythology, Godland will eventually be a combination of Play-to-Earn games and virtual worlds, a new 3D metaverse full of swords and magic, a more diverse open world with immersive gaming experience.
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