Active CDS

Develops your drifters according your preferences.

Active Character Development System (CDS)

Players can manually develop drifters according to their strategies, realizing a more playable and strategic gaming experience.

Level Up

Drifters get EXP by exploring dungeons to upgrade level. Players can manually improve the attributes of the drifter according to their preferences when the drifter levels up.
For instance, you can use most upgrade points to improve AGI attribute to enhance ATK if you want to turn your drifter into a ranger.
Higher level drifters have higher stats and therefore have more fighting power to challenge high-level dungeons or gain an advantege in the Arena.

Rank Up

Players can upgrade drifter's rank by spending tokens. Ranking up is one of two important ways to enhance your drifters.
Higher rank drifters gain privileges in the following ways:
  • Income Multiplier. Multiply earnings during adventures.
  • Longer RT. Longer Remaining Time (RT) to adventure.
  • Higher Crit Chance. Higher Lucky to increase crit chance in battles (both PVE and PVP).
  • Higher Drop Rate. Higher chance of getting rare materials or equipments when they challenge dungeons or explore in a Dwarven Mine.
  • More Dungeon Challenges per day.
  • Higher success rate of forging equipment.
  • Chance of joining high-level adventures and dungeons.


The default class of drifters is the Novice. Player can transfter drifters' class by finishing certain missions to Viking Warrior, Rune Mages or Ranger. More classes will open as the game processess.
Drifters of different classes have special class skills and can be equipped with weapons and armor specific to their class.