Goddess Tavern

Goddess Tavern is a social mini-game platform on which players can enjoy multiple mini-games with friends and earn profit together while playing.

Beyond mini-game platform

You are wrong if you think of Goddess Tavern as just a mini-game platform. As an important part of Godland ecosystem, Goddess Tavern is designed to contain a special mechanism called ILO to provide a completely different gaming experience.

Initial Lucky Offering (ILO)

Normally, you will gain and lose in any game you play. However, there are NO LOSERS at Goddess Tavern at all. In Goddess Tavern, you get more immediately when you win. You get assets that are likely to multiply in value in the future, such as mystery boxes and governance tokens, when you lose. This is the basic principle of the ILO mechanism.

Multi-level referral system

Based on Metaverse Gaming Protocols (MGP), Godland was born with an on-chain social network. So are all the mini-games in Goddess Tavern. Meaning, any social connections you make through participating in any game will be permanently recorded on blockchain, and you will permanently enjoy the full benefits of those connections in other games in the ecosystem.
So, invite your friends to join Goddess Tavern, and enjoy all games and reap the profits together.
Last modified 1yr ago