Flippy Axe

Flippy Axe is a mini-game where players pay $AG to throw an axe to earn random rewards. The reward may include not only $AG and but also runes used to synthesize valuable mystery boxes.
You can play Flippy Axe to get rewards in two ways:

As a major player

As a major player, you can pay 100 $AG to throw an axe or 1000 $AG to throw 10 axes at one time. The probability of winning is 100%.
Single Percentage
You may get between 1 and 1000 $AG
You may get a random rune of mystery boxes with three different rarity

As a promoter

As a promoter, you can continue to earn $AG by simply inviting other friends to participate.

What can you get as a promoter?

  • 3%-7% share of spending by your referrals
A friend you invite directly throws axes for 1000 $AG, and you get a 7% referral bonus, which is 70 $AG.
Your friend invites someone else to throw axes for 1000 $AG, and you get a 3% referral bonus, which is 30 $AG, while your friend gets a 7% referral bonus, which is 70 $AG.

Detailed rules for Flippy Axe

  • $AG flow
All $AG spent by players throwing axes will be divided into 3 parts.
None of $AG will go to the dev team!
Invitation Pool
100% of Invitation Pool is distributed to referrers
All $AG will be automatically distributed to Staking Pool if no referrers
Staking Pool
$AG won by players in Flippy Axe are paid out of Staking Pool. All the remaining $AG in Staking Pool is distributed periodically to players who stake mystery boxes
Burning Pool
100% of Burning Pool is locked in smart contract forever
  • Synthesis of mystery box
Mystery boxes of three different rarity (S/SR/SSR) can be synthesized from runes obtained in Flippy Axe.
Each type of mystery box requires three different runes to complete the synthesis procedure.