Game Mining

Players may pay $BNB directly to play any game in Goddess Tavern.
All $BNB will be automatically converted into $AG at a fixed rate.
ALL $BNB paid by players will be fully distributed to $AG/$BNB Pool through smart contracts to fully support the conversion of any amount of $AG to $BNB at any time.

$DGT Mining

For every $BNB equivalent to $2 paid in games, a player will get up 2-10 locked $DGT.
The larger the number remaining in $DGT Pool, the more locked $DGT a player will earn by paying the same amount of BNB in the game, meaning players who participate early will earn more locked $DGT as rewards.
Locked $DGT you earn by paying $BNB equivalent to $2 = 2 + (num of remaining $DGT / total num of $DGT in Pool) * 8
The initial number of $DGT Pool is 2,000,000.
We may add more into $DGT Pool in the future.
All locked $DGT will be unlocked after TGE according to the same rules as IDO.