Enter the game

Copy the following link to your Metamask APP to enter the game. Connect your wallet to choose an avatar and nickname you like and start the game.
You may need to pay a gas fee to complete the process and activate your referral system to generate revenues continuously.

Enter Goddess Tavern

Click "GODDESS TAVERN" to enter the Goddess Tavern. You will see four sessions of game plays: Fight Club, Flippy Axe, Mystery Box and Exchange.

Flippy Axe

You can pay $AG or $BNB to throw an axe to earn random rewards.
You may get $DGT as a bonus if you pay $BNB to play the game. The more $BNB you paid, the more $DGT you will get. You may check your $DGT on the Exchange.
You can pay 100 $AG to throw an axe or 1000 $AG to throw 10 axes at one time.
The reward may include not only $AG and runes used to activate valuable Mystery Boxes.
The probability is as below: 70-80% for 1-1000 $AG token and 20% for runes.

Mystery Box

Runes obtained in Flippy Axe can activate Mystery Boxes of three different rarity (S/SR/SSR). Runes and Mystery Boxes can be staked for $DGT and $AG tokens respectively.

Activate Mystery Box

Each type of Mystery Box requires three different runes to complete the activation procedure.

Staking of Mystery Box

You can stake Mystery Boxes activated by runes to get $AG tokens. The system allocates 50% of $AG in Stake Pool every three days to players who staked Mystery Boxes.
TIPS: The earlier you get the higher rarity of Mystery Box to stake, the more rewards you will get.


You can exchange $AG for $BNB at the rate of 1 $AG = 0.00005 $BNB. Input the amount and click "Sell" to finish the process.
The minimum limit per transaction is 500 $AG.

$DGT Mining

You may check your locked $DGT obtained from the game.
For every $BNB equivalent to $2 paid in games, a player will get up 2-10 locked $DGT.
The larger the number remaining in $DGT Pool, the more locked $DGT a player will earn by paying the same amount of $BNB in the game, meaning players who participate early will earn more locked $DGT as rewards.
All locked $DGT will be unlocked after TGE according to the same rules as IDO.
$DGT may purchase Mystery Box in the near future at the price of $0.1 without unlocking.

Hidden Mission

You can obtain rebates permanently by inviting friends.
A friend you invite directly spends 1000 $AG, and you get a 7% referral bonus, which is 70 $AG.
Your friend invites someone else to spend 1000 $AG, and you get a 3% referral bonus, which is 30 $AG, while your friend gets a 7% referral bonus, which is 70 $AG.
You may create the invitation link by pressing the "Referrals" button in Goddess Tavern and customize your invitation link by pressing "change" button.