NFT Fighting Jam

The adventures of Godland are about to begin, with heroes from the Metaverse joining us. In the Goddess Tavern, heroes from all over the world warm up with each other and get ready for the wonderful adventure that lies ahead!

What's NFT Fighting Jam?

NFT Fighting Jam is the first cross-platform & cross-IP NFT PVP game. Based on the Metaverse Gaming Protocols (MGP), it realizes that any NFT of GameFi or NFT projects on different blockchains can play the game in a convenient way. For instance, a holder of CryptoPunks can use his/her CryptoPunks on Ethereum to play the game on BSC without staking or wrapping his/her NFT, which creates a gaming experience that has never been experienced before.

What does NFT Fighting Jam mean?

It is really not just a single GameFi or a game module of cross-platform PVP in Godland ecology, but more importantly, it could be the beginning of a real Metaverse. As far as we are concerned, the real Metaverse may not be one ecology but a larger ecology composed of many inter-connected ecologies.
We are developing a game Metaverse that beyonds any blockchain ecosystem, contains multiple independent and inter-connected games on different blockchains, and supports any NFT on any blockchain. It is a road that no one has ever traveled before, but we are sure that many people will be fascinated by it as we are.
If it makes you excited, get into the NFT Fighting Jam and be a part of it!
Last modified 1yr ago