Players of Goddess Tavern

If you played Flippy Axe on Goddess Tavern and got runes, you can spend 10 runes to activate a Rune Assistant to play by following steps:
1. Go to [Goddess Tavern] and click [Mystery Box]
2. Select [Rune Assistance] and Click [Activate] to forge your Rune Assistan
3. Go to [Metaverse Hero]
4. Click [RuneGolem] to activate your NFT hero
  1. 1.
    Using another user's invit link to join the game will automatically make you join his/her team and contribute Team Points to him/her.
  2. 2.
    If you've activated you Metaverse Heros, you may no longer join anyone else's team.
  3. 3.
    You can invite as many players to join your team who have not yet activated their heroes and have not joined other teams. The top 3 team members with the most amount of $AG will contribute Team Points to you.

NFT Holders of Collaborative Projects

If you are a NFT holder of collaborative projects, you can activate a Metaverse hero to play by following steps:
  1. 1.
    Go to [Metaverse Hero]
2. Select the project that you have its NFT to activate your Metaverse Hero (e.g. Binopoly)
  • Each wallet can only mint one NFT.
  • If your wallet contains multiple NFTs, you can choose one to mint.
  • If you desires to mint numerous NFTs, you can transfer other unmapped NFTs to different wallets to do so.


  • Active attack
Each NFT can active attack 3 times a day for free. Click [Free to Fight] to attack a random opponent.
  • Loot your opponent’s token by active attack
Each NFT will get 100 $AG airdrop at the beginning. You can loot a certain amount of $AG from your opponent as a bonus for defeating the opponent, if you choose to make the first move.
The maximum amount of $AG you can loot is a minimum of 40% of your current $AG and 20% of your opponent's $AG. As a result, you will be able to loot more $AG when you have more $AG yourself or beat an opponent with more $AG.
You will not be robbed of $AG by your opponent after being defeated, if you choose to make the first move.
  • More revenue
You can also pay 150 $AG or 0.0075 $BNB to play after your free battles are used up. In this case, not only will you have more opportunities to challenge other players and loot their $AG for more revenue and better rankings, but you will also 100% get more $DGT and $2 worth of tickets to Flippy Axe.
Flippy Axe Tickets: You can use 1 ticket to play Flippy Axe once for free to earn more $AG and the runes that can activate Mystery Box in the Goddess Tavern.
  • Passive fighting
Any NFT that participates in the game goes into the War Pool and has a certain probability of being attacked by other players. In such passive fighting, you will be robbed of a certain amount of $AG if you lose, while you will not loot your opponent's $AG even if you win.
So it's better to be proactive than to be passive.
  • Special equipment
It will improve your chances of winning if you have a Godland New Year's Gift 2022 NFT in your wallet.
Get New Year's Gift 2022 NFT via Marketplace.


It is not a one-man battle. Inviting other players to join your team is the key to winning.
  • Team Points
Leaderboard rewards will be ranked by Team Points. Each person will be the leader of his or her team. You can also invite as many players to join your team and the top 3 team members with the most amount of $AG will contribute Team Points to you so as to increase your leaderboard ranking.
Your Team Points = your $AG + total amount of $AG of the top 3 team members with the most amount of $AG
  • Invite friends to team up
Copy your Invite link via [Invite Friends], share it with NFT holders of cooperative projects and invite them to join your team in the fight.
  1. 1.
    Everyone is an independent team leader. Although the leaderboard is ranked according to the total amount of $AG of 4 people in the team, the reward is only given to the team leader.
  2. 2.
    Everyone will have your own team! You are the team leader of your team. Other three team members are just for increasing your team points.
  3. 3.
    In order to make a higher ranking, you need to invite as many friends who are able to loot more $AG to join your team, rather than to simply join other's team.
Any in-game invitations will build a decentralized social network for you on blockchain. You can benefit permanently from your decentralized social network.
Any $AG/$BNB your invited friends spend on any game in the Godland ecosystem will give you 3%-7% revenue share. The process is automated by smart contracts.


Godland will inject attractive prizes into the Prize Pool each round (10 days).
225,000 $DGT will be put into the Prize Pool as a leaderboard reward for the first round. In addition, the TOP 100 will also receive the precious IDO whitelist.


At the end of each round, all $AG earned at NFT Fighting Jam can be exchanged for $BNB through Goddess Tavern Exchange at a fixed ratio (1 $AG = 0.00005 $BNB).